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Stainless Foundry and Engineering offers many different varieties of specialized sand casting equipment to provide the customer with needed custom parts.

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Versatile: The Leader in Foundry Sand Testing Equipment. With over 6,000+ Users and counting, Versatile is the most complete and trusted range of Foundry Sand testing equipment on the market. Since, its inception in 1968 Versatile has been serving foundry industry with the latest technologies and best in class service!

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Home / According to Sand type, Equipment for Green Sand, Testing Equipment Green Sand, Equipment for Resin Coated sand (Hot), Testing equipment for Resin Coated Sand / AUTO CLAY WASHER. AUTO CLAY WASHER. Mechanism: Clay Washing along with automized cycle, microcontroller based electronic control box.

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Sand casting, also known as sand molded casting, is a metal casting process characterized by using sand as the mold material. The term "sand casting" can also refer to an object produced via the sand casting process.

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You may use green sand or resin, wet or dry method—but whatever you do—you know moisture is an indispensable part of sand casting. Maintaining the proper moisture levels when producing sand molds guarantees bonding takes place between materials to create the right cohesiveness, permeability, refractoriness, surface finish, flowability, and ...

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2018-5-28 · Foundry sand testing is a process used to determine if the foundry sand has The defects arising from the sand can be prevented by using sand testing equipment ... click to chat now Foundry Testing Equipment Metal Casting

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Sand Casting. Sand casting means the production processes that need sand as the main molding material, it also means the casting products made by these processes.

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In sand casting, the primary piece of equipment is the mold, which contains several components. The mold is divided into two halves - the cope (upper half) and the drag (bottom half), which meet along a parting line .

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Vulcan Engineering can design and build a complete green sand casting facility as well as upgrades and additions to existing facilities. We also offer a large line of equipment for the green sand foundries.

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DIETERT Foundry Testing Equipment Inc. is capable of meeting your product needs in sand testing. For additional information on how DIETERT Foundry Testing Equipment Inc. can help you and your company or for detailed information on the newest equipment available, contact one of our sales representatives.

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testing equipment in the relevant imperial or metric units are given in the description of the relevant items. When enquiring about or ordering this equipment, please state whether AFS or DIN models are required.

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Methylene Blue Tester use for Green Sand & Raw Sand to Check Active Clay above machine we supply : Hevey Casting base stand with measuring glass burette with 2Lit Capacity Magnetic Stirrer with 1no bottle of methylene blue and 10 no's filter papers.1 nos 100ml glass gar with glass stick.


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Foundry sand testing is a process used to determine if the foundry sand has the correct properties for a certain casting process. The sand is used to make moulds and cores via a pattern.In a sand casting foundry there are broadly two reasons for rejection of the casting — metal and sand — each of which has a large number of internal variables.

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In sand casting, the primary piece of equipment is the mold, which contains several components. The mold is divided into two halves - the cope (upper half) and …

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Recycling Sand from Foundry Casting Molds The flowsheet shown in this study is particularly adapted to the requirements of the average foundry to reclaim foundry sand for re-use. Any foundry whose new sand delivered costs is too high should seriously consider reclamation with the flowsheet as illustrated.

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Online foundry store for ingot, flux, sand and binders, crucibles, furnace parts, and other equipment and supplies. Knowledgeable and experienced.

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Laboratory equipment refers to the various tools and equipment used by foundrymen to analyse sand and metal like moisture meter, lab scale. ... LAB EQUIPMENT Sort by. There are 40 items. AND LAB SCALE (A2360) 200G. CAPACITY B&P LAB SPEED MULLER (ABB0525) SOLD ... Foundry testing equipment sand rammer (AB0449) SOLD. Model: 315 SOLD. HANDLER disk ...

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Sand testing in AFW's Quality Assurance Lab encompasses a variety of sand analyses shown below. AFW keeps close process control of sand properties for improved quality and productivity. Green sand samples are taken daily to test for permeability, shear, compression strength, moisture percentage and …

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Step-by-Step Sand Casting Instructions Home: Foundry Sand/Greensand. In commercial foundries the sand is used over and over thousands of times. Between uses, the sand is rejuvenated by adding water and mulling (mixing and smashing).

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The supplier of new, used and rebuilt equipment for the foundry industry. We can also design complete foundries from drawing to start-up. Our warehouse holds over 50,000 square feet of reusable foundry equipment like mullers, mixers, ladles, molding machines, air hoists, gear boxes, shot blasts, furnaces, permanent mold machinery, lab equipment, grinders and dust collectors.

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Foundry lab equipment refer to a variety of specialized equipment used for analytical, diagnostic and research purposes in foundries. These equipment are essential and useful in various domains and fields of metal casting.

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Sand Casting Equipment and Foundry Equipment. Our customers ofter refer to DIDION machines as Rotary Profit Centers because they represent the most efficient and economical processing machinery in the foundry industry.. Rotary is easier to install. Rotary is cheaper to run and maintain.

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An Important factor to be considered to test the quality of aluminum cast in checking for the presence of bifilm. Bifilms are oxide layers formed during solidification on the surface of the melt. The presence of bifilm can be identified by porosity testing.

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Tensile Tester (400-A-MDI) Tests the tensile strength of no bake sand mix. Determines how the sand is setting up and how it will hold up against the weight of the iron.

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Foundry Testing Equipment Testing and inspection systems refer to a variety of machines and equipment that are used for testing, inspection and analysis purposes in foundries. These equipment are used to ensure that the material meets the prerequisites of the specification; accordingly, testing …

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Sand Casting Equipment. Automated parameter monitoring, robotic pouring and experienced operators lead to tightly controlled, robustly monitored sand castings that yield parts per million (PPMs) and on-time deliveries that are the envy of our competitors.